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Dolly Daydream


Hi. Hope you like what I have to say. And if you don't, I hope I pissed you off.

Name: Christina
Birthday: February 22
Pet: Rusty and Lassie. Sop laughing.
Favorite Color: purple




1. Invisible Monsters - Chuck Palahniuk
2. To Kill a Mocking Bird - Harper Lee
3. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - J.K. Rowling
4. Sarah - J.T. Leroy
5. Hocus Pocus - Kurt Vonnegut

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2010 [31 Dec 2009|04:54pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

10 years ago I was a freshman at Atlantic High School in the IB program with no friends.

Now I am a 23-year-old single independent woman who still hasn't finished college. But I've been all over, I live with my best friends, I work a job I love and I'm happy.

Happy New Year.

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[05 Jun 2009|12:40am]
[ mood | drained ]

So, my mom is dying.

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waited 8 years [20 Jan 2009|06:52am]
[ mood | excited ]

This is one of the most exciting days of my short little life. I wish I was in Washington right now.

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sad [14 Dec 2008|01:54am]
[ mood | crushed ]

i just found out that phantom planet are on an indefinite hiatus.

i am very sad.

i hurt my back at work. it's on fiyah.

i am spreading the twatlight disease. i hope none of my friends become srs bsns fans. ugh.

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if we're fucked up, you're to blame [20 Nov 2008|01:40am]
[ mood | angry ]

I don't think there is anything I hate more in life than cigarette smoke. Maybe weed smoke. Oh, and my family minus Willie.

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Oh, my soul is singing! [05 Nov 2008|02:41am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Man, I am so happy right now. I really can't believe we made it! All the way to the White House. It still hasn't sunk in. It's not about being black or white or being democrat or republican. It just feels amazing to be part of changing the leadership and direction of my country.

Also, I love Machester Orchestra. AND HEROES. PETER PETRELLI, GET IN MY BED NOW.

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the McCain train (has derailed) [16 Oct 2008|02:52am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

John McCain, you are a DAMN FOOL. You are a smug and condesending little man and I hate you. You obviously hno idea what you are talking about and rely on playing the heartstrings of Americans with your flowery words than actually trying to fix or change ANYTHING.

Why did you metion autism? You know NOTHING about it. Sarah Palin's baby has down syndrome, a complete different condition than autism. Her baby is 6 months old. I'd wager that she's not the person that understands MOST when it comes to raising a child with a disability. I'm sure she's been doing a lotf of raising her kid while campaigning for VP.

You make me so ashamed to be an American. You are the reason why the rest of the world thinks we are a bunch of bigoted, ignorant rednecks.

There is a difference between being PRO CHOICE and PRO ABORTION. No one is pro abortion, fucker. Who says you should get to decide anything? I'm pretty sure you've never been, and will never be, pregnant. I think a woman is quite able to make the decision for herself.

Sarah Palin? A good role model for women? I actually scoffed at the screen.

Don't you realize that vouchers undermine the public school system? Charter schools, okay. They provide competition. But vouchers just take away from public schools. Which also take away from their funding. Which is already lacking as it is. Step into a public school (which I'm sure you haven't done since yo uwere a wee lad) and see for yourself. What you are REALLY trying to to is eliminate the public schools system.

What is so wrong with spreading wealth? What I think is wrong is that there are some greedy motherfuckers who make millions through legal loopholes and then don't want to pay higher taxes. 250,000 is a lot of fucking money. I make 12,000 a year if I'm lucky. I have no health insurance, no car, cannot afford rent much less a mortgage, and cannot afford college even though I love to learn. What's the use of instilling a love of knowledge in children if they won't ever be able to use it?

Senator Obama is the first presidential candidate I have ever truly believed in.

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recap of my jaunt [20 Sep 2008|11:28pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Day 1

-Lauren and her friend Aaron picked me up at the bus station, after a realtively easy day of travel. I (!!!!!) drove to Augusta, we ate with her boyfriend Scott at Applebee's and then gourged on ice cream at Friendly's. Then I passed out in bed.

Day 2

-I don't really remember much of this day. I listened to the iPod, read the rest of my non partisan politics book, started on The Color Purple, took quite a lot of photos of the surrounding land, watched Tv, and slept late. Kind of like living at home without having a job.

Day 3

-Lauren had school, so I slept late and cooked and cleaned and the like. Then we went to watch her brother's soccer game. I'm not gonna lie, they were pretty horrible. And it was pretty cold and misting rain. I got to hang out with her mom (who I love) and try to learn the rules of soccer. I was unsuccessful. We ate again. I'm sure there was some Scrubs involved.

Day 4

-I did nothing pretty much the whole day. Much like any other Saturday. Except I was in the woods and it wasn't hot.

Day 5

-I got to see Burn After Reading. It was fantastic. Although, the ending was kind of anticlimactic. It was a genius plot, not like the cookie cutter plots nowadays. Brad Pitt FTW. I was supposed to go Apple Picking, but it as raining, so that was canceled. I did the ol' switcheroo and crimsonnocturne picked me up. Her husband made us dinner and waited on us hand and foot. She got me hooked on Burn Notice. I want to FUCK Michael Westen. Everyone needs to watch this show.



Day 6

-I saw Star for the first time in two years. She was my second ever girlcrush. Kind of still is. But she has a girlfriend, who she brought along. Talk about awkward. The mini golf place we were going to crash was bulldozed, so we ate and walked around Bates College. If Dawson's Creek and Greek had a baby, that would be Bates College.

Day 7

-I went with crimsonnocturne to a little girl's birthday party. It was the first gay (moms) family I had ever met. They were strange, but it had nothing to do with being gay. Just with being Mainers. I could easily get along with them. they are doing a great job raising their kids, that's for sure. We got fat(ter) at DaVinci's and continued lusting after Mochael Westen. Then she introduced me to Dr. horrible's Sing Along Blog. Oh My Absolute Fucking Gosh. AMAZING. Creation of Joss Whedon (who also created Buffy, which I've never seen). FANTASTICAL!


Watch it. You will thank me for the rest of your days.

Day 8

- I got up at the ass crack of dawn to go to work with Fitzy. She works at a British Import store in the shopping district in Freeport, Maine. So, while she slaved away, I walked and shopped. I visited L.L. Bean, little cafes, a bead store (awesome), some tourist traps, a couple of outlets. Read some of my book by David Sedaris. Who is, btw, a great writer. Funny as shit. I took a giant afternoon nap, and then, the greatest part of my entire trip, we went to Portland to see AMANDA PALMER. FOR FREE! AT A RECORD STORE!!! I'm telling you, life changing. I've loved her for so long and never gotten to see her live until now. Her solo album is absolute genius. BUY IT. LISTEN. her myspace:


The nest day I went home. Saw Scott's new apartment. Hung out with Amanda.

Schedule for the coming months

September 26 - Genie Mohker's CD release show
October 4-7 Philadelphia
October 9-10 The Rocket Summer
October 22-24 portugal.the man roadtrip with purplepills
November 7 - Panic at the Disco/Dashboard/ The Cab
November 12 - Cobra Starship
November 17 - Conor Oberst
December 17 - Manchester Orchestra

I have 6 kittens. Anyone want to give one or two a good home?

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let's play catch up [25 Aug 2008|11:25pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so many things have happened.

i conquered my phobia of driving. i've been driving all over. there is hope yet that i may one day own a driver's license!

the stray cat we took in finally had her kittens. 6 of them! they are so damn cute. i sit in her room and just watch them for pretty much 15 minutes at a time. i am so lame. but they are so cute and tiny! like the cab!

i'm flying to maine soon. what's today, the 25th? i leave the 10th for 8 glorious days of fall. REAL autumn!

the rocket summer and portugal the man are next month! purplepills and i are gonna have a road trip to see ptm. haaaaaaaaaaaaay.

panic and cobra are in november!

every month has something awesome. i can get through it.

if anyone knows anyone selling a cheap car that runs well and has a/c, let me know. i need one now that i can drive and all.

and i need another part time job. come through for me.

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it could be dangerous, living in this valley [23 Aug 2008|12:35am]
[ mood | restless ]

Man, yesterday was SO crazy. At work, some dad tried to pick his son up from afterschool. Yeah, except he was falling over drunk. At first I though this dude was mentally handicapped. But, no, he was just that drunk. Needless to say, we didn't let him take his son. I don't understand how social services is so shitty that this stuff still happens. We've reported him before. THIS is why I want to do what I do.

While this was going on, one of the kids who graduated elementary school last year walked in. He goes to the middle school which is a few blocks away through our neighborhood. Which would have been normal, since a whole crowd of kids walked in ahead of him for Teen Club. But this kid is severely autistic and is supposed to take the bus home. He has his own adult aide with him at all times during the day because he is still that helpless. And he walked BY HIMSELF a quarter of a mile to a school he doesn't go to. He doesn't know how to cross streets. He doesn't talk except to sing Dora songs. He doesn't understand that some people might hurt him. He would have gotten into any car. Would have touched a dangerous animal. Could have gotten beaten up by cruel kids. ANYTHING. And he made it to our school. This kid doesn't even know how to get there. But by God's Grace he followed the kids headed to us. I was so crazy angry with his school. HOW NEGLIGENT!!! I can't imagine letting a kid walk away when he was supposed to be getting on a bus. Where the Hell was his aide?! I hoped she gets sued and fired. I couldn't stop thinking about what could have happened to him. That's what happens when people work with kids for the money and not for the love. Fuckers. He's okay though. His mother is rightfully furious with the school and his teacher. Seriously. How do you not notice that yo uar emissing a kid in class of fucking 6 kids?!


In much happier news, I went out anf enjoyed my youth last night. Enjoyed it till 3:30AM, as a matter of fact. I went to Respectables with a bunch of friends (mostly gay dudes, AWESOME) and danced the night away. It was kind of awkward at first because I don't drink and it's a bar. but there's a dance floor and it's more a lounge than anything. It's pretty much a hipster club where everyone socializes and is too cool for school. It took some convincing, but I eventually danced my ass off on the dance floor. Couldn't quite get myself to go onstage or stand above everyone else. Hell to the No. I want to bring everyone there next time! It was so fun! It's 18 plus, but if you aren't 18 (I'm looking at you purplepills), we can just sneak you in through the back door. And there's no cover charge. I'm not one for "going out", but damn if I didn't have a great time.

Oh, and if anyone knows of any fun or well-paying part time jobs in the Lantana/Boynton Beach/Lake Worth area, let me know. I need a second job once again.

btw - everyone listen to be your own pet. freaking fabulous!

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ths/the cab at the culture room [16 Aug 2008|01:19am]
[ mood | happy ]

So, the show tonight was pretty much fantastic. I had a smile on my face the whole time. It's pretty hard for me to smile while sweating, so I was obv very entertained. Even the opening bands were good FOR ONCE.

WE left kinda late because totheend_frank got off work late. But we made it in time - less of a line wait, right?

The first band was This Morning Light. They were okay. Nothing special, really. I mean, my ears weren't bleeding or anything, but they need to find their sound. It was kind of all over the place and watered down, if you know what I mean. The second band, Steel Train, was FUCKING AWESOME. The lead singer was Freddy Mercury reincarnated. There was one point in the show where the entire bands was gathered around one microphone reminiscent of one of Queen's album covers. It was wild. They played part of Mamma Mia and won my heart.

THE CAB. Oh, I love their adorable little souls. everytime I see them, I am oblivious to the fact that their music is guilty pleasure pop. I LOVE IT. I love them! They're all Alex and precious. totheend_frank hates them. Well, he wants to fuck Cash and Marshall, but that's about it. And who DOESN'T want to fuck a member of the Cab? I think they're all legal? (is a dirty old woman).

CASH. Cash Money. I want to be you. (I want to be ON you.)

But WTF was with Singer wearing a wifebeater? Does he know he looks white trash? Hasn't anybody been gracious enough to let him know? It is a joke? I don't get it.

THE HUSH SOUND. After waiting a billion years for their soundcheck bullshit to be over, they came on and it was magnificent. Greta was hot and sweet and kindergarten teacher-ish. And she had a short dress that showed off her ass nicely. She's too precious! Bob was wonderful and pretentious and needs to shave his face right now. Darren looks like purplepills if she were a boy. And tall. Chris was wearing a Bulls jersey. I think sportswear is ugly. sry2say. But I think Chris is cute! So hey!

They played, like, every song off their last 2 albums. And they played Back in the USSR by the Beatles! And I was almost the only one who knew what the fuck they were playing. And they played I want You by the Jackson5! It was stupendous! I bopped around like a fool. AND they played this awesome song about Barack Obama. Seriously, I was dying. It was magical. And Chris RAPPED in the middle of it. I was having trouble understanding the words because I was in such a state of awe. FABULOUS.

Hey, I saw you Mia!!! You looked quite unimpressed until THS. I was in the crowd. I couldn't get your attention. So, hi!

neon_geisha, you have many shows to make up for. You can start by going to panic/dashboard/the cab and then cobra in November. thnx.

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stressssssssssss. [25 Jun 2008|09:12pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

i hate traveling somewhere that is hard to get to. it makes my head hurt. i also hate spending money and waiting until the last minute. i want to get there so bad. i'm just irritable. at myself. and the law's of physics. why can't harry potter be real? i want to apparate.

i stopped biting my nails! yay! now they just break a lot because i don't get all my vitamins.

i've been going to curves 3 times a week. and trying to reign in my horrible eating habits.

heychris is doing a speaking around miami on sunday. who wants to go?! it's free!

i'm missing warped tour this year. kind of let down about that.

summer is half way over and i don't know what i'm going to do with my life when it's over. STILL.

i miss everyone.

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gotta go find the kitten. [15 Jun 2008|03:53pm]
[ mood | excited ]

home from maine. it was wonderful. i'm still in a dilemma as to where i am going to move.

i got a new kitten today. my friend found it on the side of I-95 all by itself. it's a miracle it wasn't run over.

i named her Adelaide Charlotte Dahlia Cullen. I call her Lady. SHE IS SO CUTE. she's a calico and a little bit long-haired and adorable. my big cat is not thrilled. her keeps running away from her. my dog is chill. but again, not thrilled. i hope they don't get jealous. she has a little bell collar and i bought her a cat leash so we can go outside. i won't let her go by herself until she's spayed and vaccinated.

pictures of all mentioned to ensue. if you want to check out my maine pictures, hit up my facebook, bitchez.

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EDWARD CULLEN ILU [25 May 2008|10:58pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Hokay guys.

I'm OFFICALLY a hooked on Twilight.

I read Twilight, New Moon, AND Eclpise ina about 4 days. I CANNOT WAIT for Breaking Dawn to be released on August 2nd. Like, I'm antsy about it. I was curious about the books because I finally found out that's where the phrase "the Cullen Brothers" came from. You know, after it was texted on the Panic at the disco screen 8,000 times at their show. I should have resisted another obsession, but fuck it. Something has to replace Harry Potter. Well, nothing could replace that. But I have this gaping hole, you see?

neon_geisha, these books are for you. They read like fanfic NO LIE. It's AWESOME. I have never wanted to molest a fictional character so much in my life.

Oh yeah, this is the movie that is coming out based on the first book:

Chekc that shit out. That's right. It's Cedric Diggory.

I apologize for those of you who are completely fucking lost. I am speaking nerd.

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the day is looking UP [21 May 2008|06:47pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So, this is the best new I've heard in the past decade.


Lou-Fucking-Pearlman. I'm pretty sure you all know I was a hXc Backstreet fn back in the dizzay. Well, this douche stole a lot of money from them and fucked them over. There was a big lawsuit that they went through back in the 90's/early 00's. SWEET JUSTICE!

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one of those nights [18 May 2008|09:45pm]
[ mood | proud ]

Interesting weekend. Saw Prince Caspian and FELL IN LOVE. I really love those movies. I'm hunting down books as we speak. Why buy when you can borrow? (says she who bought 3 books in two weeks.)

Bought The Cab's Whisper War today. am also IN LOVE. What can I say, I fall in love easily. It makes me sick that these guys are probably younger than me and have more talent in a tendril of their hair then I have in my whole being.

Oh, I stopped biting my nails. Two weeks strong! And I also joined Curves. Now, I know it sounds very "elderly person" but it's a good program for me. It's women only, close by, and not a CLUb like LA Fitness and the like. I go to a gym to sweat and exercise, not to get done up and pick up guys. Right? Right.

Man, today I was buying clothes just because and I also bought some nail polish for my long nails. (Long for me anyway.) So, we left it in the car and that SHIT EXPLODED AND ALMOST CAUGHT ON FIRE. It was so hot that it exploded all over two of my new shirts. And I've been trying to get the stain out all night to no avail. So if anyone has any remedies, I would be forever grateful. It was probably God berating me for buying things I don't need.

I tried my hand at whipping up some homeade pasta in the kitchen this evening. It's spinach, mozzarella, parmesean, garlic, and penne pasta. It's DAMN delicious. I am so proud of myself that I just kind of whipped it together with no real recipe. Take THAT, Paul.

3 more weeks of work. And then vacation. And then back to work. But not really, because summer camp is the most fun ever.

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legs of wood waves! waves of wooden legs! [24 Apr 2008|07:09am]
[ mood | tired ]

Last night was so fun! I have tons of pictures and stories. And no injuries to report. An update after my long day of work.

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nom nom nom [23 Apr 2008|04:21pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Going to see Panic. And the Hush Sound. And Phantom Planet.


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oh [20 Apr 2008|09:56pm]
[ mood | in pain ]

oh, my eye. fucking crowdsurfers.

panic/the hush sound on wednesday! my vag will not be able to compute.

earth day is on tuesday! my shirt says "the hippies were right". if only i could wear it to work.

i cannot wait for summer. and my visit to maine. and for my health insurance to start. and for my eye to stop being ugly and hurt-y.

i am in love with that new song "no air" by jordin sparks.

i'm listening to top 40 radio hits. somebody stop me.

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Rock It Some More. [20 Apr 2008|03:00am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Saw the Rocket Summer tonight.


Making fun of everyone.
The Matches and Shawn Harris in all his sexiness.
Getting myself close to the stage.

Forever the Sickest Kids. *puke*
All Time Low *pukes some more*
Douchebaggery in the crowd.
My black eye.

Seriously, All Time  Low is a horrible band and should be banned from making music. They sound like every other pop/punk band ever created. I get them confused with Escape the Fate and Boys Like Girls because it aLL SOUNDS THE SAME. At least Sonny Moore sounded different and was spinning some beats with his Mac ProTools. For realz.

The Matches were FABULOUS. And I saw the lead singer in the parking lot, but didn't say anything. Just squealed when he was out of earshot and did a little tiptoe running jig to the car.

The Rocket Summer never fails to be amazing. The band plays with such passion, and every word has such meaning. It's a beautiful thing.

Oh, yeah. The crowdsurfers. So, I'm not a complainer when it comes to pit violence/environment. Because I've been doing this for a long time and I know what is expected and what is acceptable. But tonight, holy shit. It was like they were shooting crowdsurfers out of a cannon. And not tiny girls. No, big motherfuckers with muscles and fat girls like me. I'm sorry, but no. If you weight more than the person trying to lift you off of the ground, you not be surfing over a crowd of people. And you shouldn't get mad when someone drops you. You know, since you outweigh them by a good 60 pounds. I had some big motherfucking dude land on my head, like ass met my head, and slam my face into a girls shoulder. BLINDING PAIN. I saw stars. And then 20 minutes later it starts brusing and swelling. In all of my years on this earth, I have yet to get a black eye. Until now. That shit hurts. I could never get into a fist fight. I sound like such a pussy. /rant

Man, I will sleep well tonight.


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